Monday, January 31, 2011

Great American Granny

Many moons ago I made up a few patriotic granny squares with some left over yarn I had and then I put them away for another day.
I have been deeply motivated to finish lingering UnFinished Objects lately so I added a few more rows to them and stitched them all together.
There are several shades of blue, a couple different reds and two different whites.They were made over several years so the dye lots vary...and because I wanted a variety of "red,white and blue".
I wonder if these colors would appeal to those who are not American? Australians perhaps? Brits?
After trimming it in stripes this afghan has turned out even more patriotic than I thought it would and it has a nautical feel to it which I didn't expect. Yar! ;0)
I thought I would put it on my front porch chair this July but I have decided to put it up for sale in my shop.

Independence Day(or maybe Bastille Day?) Fun ...five months early! ;0)

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Fickle Cattle said...

Very cute. :-) And looks warm.