Friday, October 8, 2010

Summer Shots

Today I am a bit sad because summer is over and we have had our first real snow storm.
I miss my bees and my cactus flowers...
and the sunflowers.
I don't normally like petunias but I couldn't resist the color of this one.

The hot peppers have been made into jelly and salsa.
The geraniums have been moved into the has the sunniest window.
The berries have been eaten, right of the vine.
Ten months after I started the seeds, we are out of tomatoes.
Oh, how I will miss them. The butterflies and mint are gone.
I still have Jackie-O-Lantern! She will be with us until...

... Halloween! ;0)
On to the next incredible season, Autumn.
The best thing about Autumn around here is the pine needles and the wind. The needles rain down with every gust and when they get warm the exude a fresh clean pine smell that I can't get enough of.
Oh... and the woodstove fires, so cozy.
I love Fall.


DUTA said...

You miss your cactus flowers, I'll miss the cactus pear-shaped fruit. Three such fruit are my most delicious breakfast.

Your pictures of the sun-flower,petunias, hot peppers, berries - are superb!

Thimbleanna said...

Wait! If you had your first real snow storm then it seems like you skipped autumn LOL! Beautiful pictures!